Chloe Gift Box | Flowers + Ultra-Premium Chocolate + Organic White Wine

Chloe Gift Box | Flowers + Ultra-Premium Chocolate + Organic White Wine

Box size: 15’’L x 9"W. Floral arrangement: 7"H X 7"W approx. Chocolate Boxes: 5 piece, 10 piece, 15 piece. Please choose at dropdown menu.

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The perfect trio - beautiful boutique premium flowers, organic wine, and delicious ultra-premium Norman Love chocolates. Surprise and delight someone special with this unique gift!

Flower piece is designed on a delicate ceramic vase to be enjoyed as a side table floral arrangement, with the best seasonal blooms available such as ranunculus, lilacs, peonies, parrot tulips and other premium flowers.


36-48 hours processing time if not being offered as same-day delivery. Please open date picker to see next available date.

  • If a flower pictured is unavailable for any reason, we will substitute this for a flower of the same or higher monetary value and in a similar style and colour.

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Single-origin dark chocolates made from five of the finest cacao growing regions across the globe, including Vietnam, Ghana, Peru, Tanzania, and El Salvador.

This product is GLUTEN FREE (safe for Celiac, Gluten Allergy and Gluten-Free Lifestyles)



Taste your way through the world of chocolate as you indulge in Norman Love Confections BLACK™, a collection of premium dark chocolates that celebrates the unique flavors of five distinct areas. With cocoa percentages varying from 64% to 97%, these five confections are a must-try for any dark chocolate connoisseur.

Includes three (3) chocolates from each growing region: Vietnam (64% cocoa), Ghana (68% cocoa), Peru (70% cocoa), Tanzania (75%), El Salvador (97% cocoa).



  • 5 piece box: one chocolate from each distinct growing region.
  • 10 piece box: two chocolates from each distinct growing region.
  • 15 piece box: three chocolates from each distinct growing region.


64% cocoa - Vietnam: Fresh and spicy Li Chu reveals light reddish tints that make it stand out from other couvertures. Its forthright chocolate tastes offers notes of vanilla and nut with a touch of licorice. These then give way to fresh and acidulated notes ensuring length in the mouth.

68% cocoa - Nyangbo (Ghana): Cacao farming has been a tradition in southern Ghana for over a century. The beans that grow in this hot and sunny yet fertile and humid climate are the foundation for the Valrhona Grand Cru de Terroir called NYANGBO Pure Ghana. Farmers grow one of Africa’s best cacaos in the soil constantly swelled by tropical rains located between the beaches of the Gulf of Guinea and Lake Volta. It is distinguished by a subtle acidity that allows a note of round chocolate warmth to develop, followed by a soft and sweet spiciness.

70% cocoa - Peru: Citrus and intense bitterness. Andoa Dark 70% is an organic dark chocolate made from the finest organic and fair trade certified cocoa beans from Peru. Tasting starts with a burst of freshness and a powerful bitterness which becomes more nuanced over time.

75% cocoa - Tanzania: This Tanzanian origin dark chocolate couverture is both powerful and tangy with subtle notes of fruit and spices. When the fruity aromas are released, you feel all the intensity and power of this exceptional cocoa. Tanzanie Origine chocolate has a spicy, peppery and citric aroma profile.

97% cocoa - Jiquilisco Bay (El Salvador): Cacao was first planted in the luscious sandy loam soil of Hacienda La Carrera near Jiquilisco Bay about 100 years ago. The criollo influence in these beans, along with the near-sea level terroir, creates a chocolate mellow enough to eat as a 97%. Starting with a floral approach, this chocolate develops with grassy, slight spice, black tea, and hints of berry fruit flavor notes. Acquired through “Fair to Farmer”, a direct trade relationship established by Mesocacao, a chocolate startup specializing in Centeral American flavors.

Note: Actual selection may vary based on availability.



Our facility is not a nut-free environment. All of our products may contain trace amounts of peanut or other nut oils.


This product does not contain preservatives and is best enjoyed within three weeks of delivery. If you are buying a gift, please choose an appropriate delivery date to ensure freshness. The actual selection of flavors within each box may vary from those pictured here.




These signature green gift boxes are filled with a selection of our favorite core flavors: Sicilian Pistachio, Dulce de Leche, Sea Salt Caramel Truffle, Florida Orange, Cupcake, Tahitian Caramel, Roasted Almond Truffle, Hot Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Strawberry. and adorned with ribbon, making it perfect for gifting – especially if you're the recipient!



  • 5 piece box: five pieces from our signature chocolate collection (pictured) - Strawberry, Key Lime, Tahitian Caramel, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Cream Truffle.
  • 10 piece box: ten pieces from our signature chocolate collection (pictured) - Sicilian Pistachio, Dulce de Leche, Sea Salt Caramel Truffle, Florida Orange, Cupcake, Tahitian Caramel, Roasted Almond Truffle, Hot Dark Chocolate, Coconut, Strawberry.
  • 15 piece box: fifteen pieces from our signature chocolate collection (pictured) - Dark Chocolate Cream Truffle, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry, Tahitian Caramel, Hot Dark Chocolate, New York Cheesecake, Dulce de Leche, Passionfruit Panna-Cotta, Shot in the Dark Espresso Truffle, PB&J, Sicilian Pistachio, 80% Coueur de Guanaja, Florida Orange, Raspberry, Hazelnut Praline Truffle.

Actual selection may vary based on availability. If necessary, substitutions will be made from the following list of flavors: New York Cheesecake, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Sea Salt Caramel Truffle, Key Lime, Dulce de Leche, Peanut Butter Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate Cream Truffle, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Tiramisu, Florida Orange, 80% Coueur de Guanaja, Hot Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almond Truffle, Peanut Butter Cup, Raspberry, “Shot in the Dark” Truffle, Coconut, Caramel Macchiato, Sicilian Pistachio, Tahitian Caramel, Cupcake, Hazelnut Praline Truffle, Passion Panna-Cotta, Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry.



Organic White Wine | Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie "La Pépie" 2019

From The Winemaker

This wine is the benchmark style of the estate: racy, crisp, acid- and mineral-driven, with a bare hint of richness from the sur lie factor, very much indicative of Pépière's granite-based terroir and clean, natural winemaking style.

  • WINE: White
  • VINTAGE: 2019
  • VARIETAL: Melon de Bourgogne
  • ALCOHOL: 12%

Certified Organic | Chemical-free + Additive-free

Wine made from grapes grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides in the vineyard. Certified in the country of origin.

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