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Plant-House | Plant-Dripper

Out now! It’s the ultimate help for the lazy plant owner or the esthetically nuanced interior lover with an eye for detail. This dripper can be of help for a thirsty plant, a couple of nights-over in the weekend or a small holiday and can also help synchronize your watering cycle with plants that need less water. Keep hydrating!


  • Height: 16 cm
  • Width: 11 cm
  • Length: 9,5 cm

Product details:

  • Self watering
  • 4x Balsa wood sheets
  • 6x Skewers
  • Building Plan (English)
  • Wood glue
  • Dripping tap
  • Recycling plastic


Difficulty ★★★
For this kit you need a sharp knife, (like a Scalpel or Stanley knife) a 5mm drill and a 0,5l soda bottle.