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Plant Trellis | Climbing Monstera

The original Monstera Trellis!

  • 18" X 6" including stakes. Fits most pots 3” and larger.
  • Made with ¼” thickness superior quality wood (not flimsy 1/8” like others)
  • Indoor use only
  • Every trellis comes with a tag with care instructions on the back.
  • Made in United States

Sealed vs unsealed trellis stakes. What is the difference?

• Sealed stakes are treated with our proprietary non-toxic and plant friendly wood protectant that extends your trellis’ lifespan by resisting the harmful effects of moisture, such as rot and degradation.

• Unsealed trellis stakes are left untreated. I strongly recommend that you or your customers seal the stakes or wrap them in a plastic barrier before adding them to a pot and to not allow water or any moisture to sit on them as long term exposure to moisture may cause damage to the stakes.